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Invitation for Public Comment

The Vintage At Kings Canyon is a very important issue of public policy regarding quality of life and the character of Carson City.

This is an invitation to the general public but especially to the over 900 neighbors of the proposed development project area to offer their comments about this project. This is an invitation for all opinions, pro, con or otherwise; offered as not as advocates of any special or proprietary interest but simply as residents of the city.

Please send your comments as 

1. Letters to the Editor of the Nevada Appeal,

2. Opinion on Carson Now,

3. Any other media that you are comfortable addressing, and also 

4. Comments on the public feedback pages of this website, at

Community Feedback
9. Reader feedback — What to do with that field

Thank you.

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This site is intended to be a repository of publicly available information about the real estate development project known as

The Vintage At Kings Canyon.

this is the place

It is also a repository of (polite) public comment about this proposed development.

Please feel free to browse, or if and when you have anything to add, contact me by e-mail:

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